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Rose Gold -  50ml

Rose Gold - 50ml

Is it not yet time to change your routine face moisturizer and go for the one that works best? There could be better moisturizer in town but, Mishkatique face moisturizer is the best selection for you.
This moisturizing cream is an enhanced formula that nourishes your facial skin and leaves it looking smooth and alluring. It’s also recommended for sensitive skin.

• It locks in moisture to keep your face hydrated for longer hours.
• Has anti-inflammatory actives that minimize facial skin allergy and red spots.
• Effective in fighting wrinkles, making your face look younger.
• It brightens a dull-looking facial complexion and makes it luminous.
• It minimizes UV damage to your skin, thereby counteracting the effects of climate.
Its unique properties:
• It’s paraben-free. It’s completely free of preservatives toxic to your skin.
• It’s efficient as an excellent primer and make-up remover (unlike other similar products)
• It’s fast-absorbing, easily penetrates the deep skin layer, and moisturizes instantly.

Ingredients: shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.
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