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In the transformative landscape of 2020, our cosmetic venture emerged, driven by commitment to redefine beauty in the face of change.  Founded on th principles of quality, sustainability, and inclusivity we embark on a journey to enhance not just appearances, but also confidence and self-expression. Mishkatique has set out to offer all ethnicities, high-quality yet affordable makeup and beauty products to nourish their lovely shade.Our Founder knew makeup has had a bad reputation for years and saw firsthand the early common practice mixing in questionable chemicals didn’t do it any favors.Our Founder was forced to use these unhealthy and potentially dangerous products a lot growing up, seeing as there weren’t many other options. It was either risk using potentially toxic beauty products or give up on cosmetics altogether.

Even after the use of these chemicals lost their popularity, a part of her couldn’t help but question what else was being done behind closed factory doors. She decided then that she had to take matters into her  own hands.

Mishkatique was a dream born out of a love for cosmetics. We don’t believe in covering up, rather we believe in the power of makeup that can help boost your self-confidence. Our mission has always been to offer safe, vegan, and cruelty-free options so that everyone can show their artistry and makeup skills, all without compromising on quality. 

Nourish your lovely shade with Mishkatique’s wide range of products. From lipsticks and eyeshadows to skin care and hair products, everything is made with our diverse clientele’s needs in mind. 

We take extra care to make our prices as affordable as possible; after all, there should be no barriers when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

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