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How Makeup Can Boost Your Mental Well-being In The Time of Pandemic - Charmie Joy Pagulong

Putting on makeup "allows people to discover another version of themselves through a fun and creative outlet." Skincare routine is also a practice of kindness to oneself.

More than just skin deep, applying makeup and skincare routines can boost one's mental well-being as a creative outlet and a form of self-discovery through art.

"It provides a sense of control to women in terms of how they would want to project their looks and enhance their facial assets. This feeling of control is a great factor in boosting one's mental health," Sherryl Muli-Abellanosa, a psychology professor at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, said in her recent interview.

"Most often, one of the contributing factors of mental distress is the lack of power and control which results in lower self-worth and self-efficacy. Wearing makeup enhances one's beauty and so it makes one feel good...And this feeling good is not only limited to one's appearance but it can improve confidence which can be translated to one's dealings," she added.

"Confidence" exudes positivity," Abellanosa noted, and "attracts good interpersonal relationships" that leads to happy and satisfying life."

Bobbie Cosmetics listed several reasons why makeup can be good to one's mental health:

1. People are in control of how they look. When dealing with challenges in life, sometimes people feel like they've lost dominance over the factors surrounding them. But when engaging in a creative activity as simple as putting makeup on, they regain this sense of control knowing that their hands and their brains get to decide what they want best for themselves.

2. It is a good expression of self-love. Makeup is a great tool to enhance an individual's natural beauty. Instead of having it as something to cover one's flaws, it can be a good friend to boost self-esteem just by adding a pop of color on the cheeks to look more flushed, or swiping a lipstick that tells one's mood for the day.

3. It's a good break. Even if people are mostly stuck indoors, it doesn't mean that they don't have errands to think about. Some may be working from home, and some may be busy pursuing their studies online, that is why doing meditative makeup sessions can help. By dedicating a "makeup me time," people can pamper themselves by being artistic and playful with different looks. It can be a good time-out from the usual daily routine and is also a great creative exercise for the brain.

4. It's a liberating experience. Wearing makeup is more than just a physical experience for many women and other beauty enthusiasts. And, with all the things they think they need to think about every day, sometimes all a person needs is to face a mirror, do little beauty ritual, and immediately, gain an internal sense of accomplishment. "We can have a bad day and pull off a great look at night and still feel a little better about ourselves."

5. It allows people to thank their skin for what it can do for them. Again, makeup only enhances the beauty that exists in every person. People cannot apply makeup were it not for the skin that allows them to take on this process. Beyond every emotion, makeup, after all, is about feeling comfortable living in one's own skin.

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